// The right job

GM Underground for an innovative consultancy.

“We are very happy with Ben Wilson, we couldn’t be happier, he is sending out lots of proposals, and is a great fit to the team.” Steve Craig / Orelogy
// The right person Ben Wilson

Orelogy, a group of specialist mine planning consultants, were looking to grow, raise their profile and expand their capabilities into the underground space.  

They needed to bring on someone new to their team to help them with this; to champion and drive the development of their underground service offerings; communicate it to the market and build the network base. Being a strong values-driven business, they needed someone who valued the same things they did: blunt honesty and professionalism whilst all with a bit of fun and sense of humour.

We got to work, applying our A5 Way to hunt down the perfect person for this role. It was not an easy job, this was a unique role and the first challenge was clearly articulating exactly what the person would need to deliver to be successful, and the second part was finding someone able to deliver on these challenging outcomes. It would require someone with a strength in both technical capability as well as building relationships, selling and business development. A rare find.

But we found them. Ben Wilson: An accomplished mining engineer, who graduated from WASM and has over 15 years in underground operations as well as experience and success in developing his own business in the past. 

How do we know he was the right one for this job? While still early days, he has already made some great progress in the underground space for Orelogy, having already:

  • Delivered some underground work for an existing client (on time and under budget).
  • Submitted proposals for three different underground studies for new clients.
  • Contributed to building the messaging and capability statements for the new underground service offerings.
Success in finding the right one