We know a better way to find the right one.

At Acacia we’ve seen the failings of pursuing an outdated, old-world approach to recruitment. That’s why we’ve worked hard to do things differently here, to challenge convention, all with the purpose of finding not just any one, but the right one for the job.

So how do we actually set ourselves apart?

How we work with clients and candidates is different.

Relationships with both are deeper and longer lived.

We get back to all of our candidates. We provide feedback and educational resources. We even study the impact they have in the companies they join and how the job has impacted their lives overall.

We only work in retained exclusive partnership with our clients. We don’t compete with other agencies in ‘CV races’ where the measure of success is speed rather than quality. The best result comes from working as a team with our clients to find the right person. That’s why we stick to our guns… even if it means turning down $500k of work.

Making these kinds of commitments isn’t easy. Nor are they taken lightly. But we have tremendous faith in our abilities and our processes. By being committed to all parties is how we find the right one.

We rigorously apply our A5 Way; we know it works.

We define the job, then we find the person. Not the other way round. We start with the needs of the business and what success looks like in the role, before we find someone who can deliver on it.

We’re not just recruiters, we’re marketers. These days it is not about how big your database is, but how strong your marketing & influencing skills are. We know the best candidates are already employed so we focus our campaigns on crafting a pitch compelling-enough for a top candidate to want to leave their current role.

We dive deep. We won’t flood you with 100 candidates and hope one sticks. We take the time to really understand our candidates before we present them to you. We find people who are aligned with what the company believes. Experience and expertise is only half the story. We know that real value is materialised when there is a genuine connection tween an individual’s ambition and what that organisation wants to achieve.

We don’t reward heroes here.

We work as a team, where everyone plays their part. One person (re)searches candidates, another engages with them, and the other assesses their fit. We don’t do 360 silos, because we know the best result comes from harnessing the right strengths of the right people.

Why do we do things differently?

Because we know it's the only way to find the right one. Want the proof?

  • We’ve had 100% success rate in filling exclusively retained assignments, with 96% retention over two years.
  • Check out our recent case studies of successful candidate placements and the positive impact they have had on the companies they join.
  • We’ve had feedback (NPS) that almost 90% of our candidates would actively recommend working with us