10 Contractual Considerations for Hiring During Times of Uncertainty

24 Apr 2020
By Sarah Sosnowski
10 Contractual Considerations

In response to growing demand for market insight, our recent webinar tackled the question Should we be hiring executives amid the uncertainty of COVID-19?

Acacia Founder and Director Abbi Vermey, General Manager People & Sustainability at Resolute Mining Limited Jordan Morrissey and Partner at Kingston Reid Duncan Fletcher provided valuable insight around:

  • Whether executives would or even should, consider new roles now
  • The impact COVID-19 has had on company's willingness to hire, as well as their retention rates and culture
  • The legal matters both executives and companies need to be conscious of as they enter new contracts of employment in this climate

Overwhelmingly the discussion showed that innovative businesses should and already are, using this crisis as an opportunity to engage newly available, top tier talent.

Have you considered your approach?

We've summarised our guest speakers top tips with our 10 contractual considerations for engaging top talent during COVID-19.

A huge thanks to all of our speakers for their invaluable insight. We hope you find these tips useful. 

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