Expatriation During COVID

30 Jul 2021
By Olivia Harrison
Expatriation During COVID

Our Director, Laura Grierson spoke with 6PR and Mining News about the Premier's recent comments on expat FIFO work and the misconception that all these senior technical professionals could simply find the same work here; should they choose it.

"When Mark McGowan talks about FIFO workers having lots of opportunities for work in WA he is a bit misguided." Laura told 6PR.

Within the Mining News article, Laura wrote that “majority of the skills of the FIFO expats who hold positions overseas are not aligned with the jobs available and currently suffering from skills shortages in Australia.”

The current skills shortage reflects a gap in the blue-collar space, rather than management level roles in ASX-listed companies that expatriates are continuously used for. As Laura wrote, “these businesses are dependent on the revenue generated by their overseas mining operations” which they employ Australians to work on.

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