Finding the Right One starts With Your Marketing Strategy

21 May 2018
By Laura Grierson

We often get asked the question as to our actual techniques, strategies and methodologies for not only finding the best candidate ‘out there’ but how we get them across the line when they have multiple offers on the table. In the new world of finding the right one for your organisation, we know it’s no longer about how big your database is, but how strong your marketing skills are.

First, you need to know how to attract the best. Crafting the pitch is vital. We need to clearly articulate why those at the top should leave their current role for this one (because we all know the best are usually employed). Why would a talented, high performing, and driven executive want to leave what they’re doing to work for you? What makes your opportunity so special? There is a strategic marketing piece to executive search many companies forget about.

Second, you need to help them do their due diligence. We equip them with everything they need to know about the opportunity and the process involved in being put forward. Just as a company completes its due diligence on candidates, so do high level professionals on the company. They assess the financial and operating performance of the company, and the people involved - not only the board and employees of the company but the shareholders and investors. They look into the technical details, and the funding of the project in incredible depth, and they want specifics of the actual position and its deliverables.

That’s why it’s not enough to just give an overview of the opportunity to a top exec over coffee. If you’re bringing on someone who is going to play a crucial role in leading the company, you need to map out with extreme clarity the strategy for the business, and the outcomes the person will need to deliver to ensure that strategy is achieved.

These days, top executives aren’t grateful for just any opportunity. Following the recent volatility of the market, uncertainty has crept in. High level professionals know it is much harder today to create a profitable mining company and apply a much higher level of caution and scepticism when considering positions. That’s why it's crucial you are marketing the opportunity in the right way and helping top candidates with their due diligence to ensure it’s a successful partnership for both parties going forward.

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