Mining HQ Segment

2 Mar 2022
By Olivia Harrison

“Millennials that are coming through want to feel valued, they’re so conscious from an environmental point of view … and they want fulfilling careers.”

Hear an excerpt of our Director Abbi Vermey’s segment on Mining HQ with Chris Le Messurier, in which she speaks about the changing focus of the mining industry and the growing opportunity for millennials to make a real difference.

Past stigmas about the mining industry have often overshadowed the growing value alignment between the younger generation and resources companies, that are at the forefront of leading the change in terms of decarbonization and climate change.

Abbi also told Mining HQ that Acacia has “never had such incremental gains in terms of getting diversification in companies and on boards.”, with the need for diverse backgrounds in future-thinking companies necessitating a broader talent pool.

Listen to the segment here.

Listen to the full episode here. 

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