Why Acacia dropped its “International”

27 Jun 2018
By Laura Grierson
Acacia Logo

The problem was, our branding just, wasn’t us anymore.

You see, we started over 3 years ago, and since then, we’ve had some big events occur:

  • We were finalists in the Telstra Small Business Awards
  • We moved into (and fit out) a bigger office in Subiaco
  • We brought on a new Senior HR Advisor to drive our people systems & assessment process
  • We brought on a new Researcher to find the best talent out there
  • We ramped up our executive search offer and added sophistication to our systems
  • We brought on a new Executive Consultant to manage our search projects

Some big achievements in a small space of time. Some big growth for a small company. Most importantly though, we did some “self-reflection” work on who we are and what we stand for. While we’re a small company, we have big plans and strong beliefs - and at the heart of it - we knew this wasn’t being articulated through our old website and branding.

At Acacia we’ve seen the failings of pursuing an outdated, old-world approach to recruitment. We know experience and expertise is only half the story. The real magic happens when there is a genuine connection between a person’s ambition and an organisation’s vision. It was essential for us to be able to convey this to the world.

So, we engaged Meerkats to help us with this. They led us through a series of workshops, picked our brains, challenged us and dug deep into our beliefs, brand personality, our ‘why’ and what we stand for.

We explained how we’re different: We don’t pay commission, so we don’t pay teams of people to skim CVs. We don’t flood our clients with 100 candidates and hope one sticks. We take the time to do it properly. We dive deep to seek out only the people who see value in the company’s vision: that one right person with the drive to unlock new possibilities for that business.

We told them that we don’t see a job as a list of bullet-points. It is far more than that. One job can affect an entire business. One job can determine its future. So it is essential that the job being filled is right for that business. We are intensely curious about our clients’ businesses and what they want to achieve. This is where we start. Not with the needs of the role, but with the needs of the business.

We select people who want to work outside their comfort zones, ones who want to make a difference. We make sure that their views and goals match that of the business. If they do not, then something is not right. Few companies can get where they need to without having the right people in the right roles. The right person for the right job to form a likeminded partnership where everyone wins.

Meerkats helped us articulate all of this and we can’t wait to get it out to the world.

So, why did we ditch “International” from our name? While we do work around the world, we are not a big corporate, and we’re proud of that. We’re Acacia, we’re a small company - with big plans. We are not your typical search consultancy. How we work with clients and candidates is different. Relationships with both are deeper and longer lived. This is how we can continually find the right person for the right job.

This is how we find the right one.

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