Why hiring potential new parents is a recipe for success

2 Jun 2021
By Sarah Sosnowski

While many employers steer clear of hiring mums to young kids, we make a point of looking for them when recruiting.

Since starting our executive recruitment business 6 years ago, four babies have been born; all with business growth year on year, impressive employee engagement and retention.

There are so many advantages of employing working parents, not least the exceptional notice you get when a staff member falls pregnant. With at least 6 months in most cases you have optimal time to find, train and create a succession plan. What's more, employees returning after a period of parental leave are far more efficient with their time - they have to be.

Working parents are the backbone to our culture; something you can’t put a monetary value on. Becoming a parent doesn’t mean your career has to end and employers should look to create a workplace where people can be fulfilled professionally. Personality above all else, is the biggest recipe for our success.

Our Director Abbi Vermey was interviewed about the benefits of hiring parents and parents to be, by Mitchell's Front Page for The Pulse on 97.4 FM. 

Hear the full interview here

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